It amazes me sometimes how much God can work through every experience in your life. When you go on retreats or to conferrences, etc. most people expect to come back from it on such a high. This was not the case for me with Believe this weekend. What I come back with is a vision of potential. There was no high for me or any of the girls in my group. However, I have such hopes of God revealing himself to these girls through this. I pray that he breaks their disillusionment that church/God/and their relationships with Jesus are only good if they’re having fun and totally energized from it. Some of those girls have such a hunger to go deeper and they have no idea how. May you open their eyes, Lord, remove their scales. Let them see you in EVERY aspect of their lives, in every emotion they experience, and in all things around them.


Reliving Jr. high

I never thought I’d say this, however, I totally love getting the chance to relive Jr. High. My jr. high experience was kinda all boys, boys, boys. Now going back and doing it again 12 years later . . . just hanging with jr. high girls is kinda fun :0)

Note to self however, next time I plan on going ice skating in tennis shoes, prep with at least two weeks of hard core conditioning. Wait. . . it didn’t KNOW I was going ice skating in tennis shoes!!! I have found muscles in my thighs i never knew existed!

I turned 24 on Saturday. A couple of months ago the thought of being 24 totally freaked me out. I was asked on Sunday if it felt any different than 23, and it doesn’t. I wonder what 1/4 century will feel like . . .