feast or famine

Okay, apparently it’s feast of famine for you faithful blog readers… I post A LOT or not at all… here’s another one for today…

wasn’t so sure I wanted to see the new Superman movie, however, this makes me quite curious.


fun website

I found a website that I like… would you like to read my blog in different languages? What about read other people’s blogs who’ve written in a language you can’t understand? Try this…

Grand Randomness in French
Grand Randomness in Italian
Grand Randomness in Arabic
Grand Randomness in German
Grand Randomness in Spanish

Of course some things get lost in translation… for example… this is the reverse translation of my last post from French back to English

Thus, I like at which point of strange life can be… I had this evening of strange random portion of experiments of recreation… of random social coordination people …… speaking to people about go with a person unknown random (WHY cannot I have one! ! ? ? ! !)… Ouais, there you go The true reason of the new update of work of post …… did not hold a meeting, but COMPLETELY prepared now… I obtained TONS made today! And that is smelled good; O)

And in Italian:
Therefore, I love as the life bizzarra can be… I have had this evening helping accidental bizzarro of experiences of divertimento… of the accidental social coordination of people …… that I communicate with people approximately the accidental blind dates (Because I cannot have one!!!!)… Yeah, gone here The real reason for the new modernization of the job of the starter shaft …… has not had one reunion, but hour COMPLETELY prepared… I have obtained the made TONS today! And that one thinks good; or)

And in Arabic:
I like this, how can the western life … I have the experience enjoyable west tonight … Indiscriminately help people … Random social coordination … People talk about random blind dates (Why can’ti one! ! ? ? ! !) … Yes, do not go The real cause of new posts … Renovations … The meeting was not quite ready now … Now that day tons! The well. O)

and in German
Thus I love, as strange life can be… I had strange experiences of the fun this evening… occasional portion of the people… occasional Sozialkorrdination… speaking with people about occasional blind data (WHY I to have cannot!!??!!)… You go to Yeah there Material reason for new post… Work update… did not have a meeting, but TOTAL prepares now… I kept TONS today effected! And feels good; O)

And Smanish
Therefore, master how the strange life can be… I have had helping at random strange of the experiences of the diversion tonight… of the social coordination at random of the people …… who spoke at random with people on hidden dates (BECAUSE I cannot have one)… Yes, you go there The true reason of the new update of the work of the post …… did not have a meeting, but now prepared TOTALLY… Conseguí done TONS today! And that feels well; or)

Lots lost in translation… (good movie btw)

fun stuff

So, I love how weird life can be…

I’ve had fun weird experiences tonight… random helping of people… random social coordination… talking to people about random blind dates (WHY can’t I have one!!??!!)…

Yeah, there you go

Real reason for new post… work update… didn’t have a meeting, but TOTALLY prepared now… I got TONS done today! And that feels good ;o)

Quick post

okay, on the want of a real update… a quick post over my lunch break:

Here are the random things, that really have no corralation to each other, but at least they’re not as random as my last post:

  • My boss came in this morning and was like “I have some time this afternoon and would like to get together with you about auditing and training.” Yeah, so I know he was gone last week and we talked the week before about that being something to work on, but I didn’t get my manuals until Friday afternoon right as I was leaving, which means I didn’t even open them until yesterday… yeah… NOT ready… though I do have a good working plan for audits… need to start on the training portion though
  • I need to stop eating at my desk… despite the fact that I have a sandwhich in front of me, my bible open, and the door closed… people still come in and are like “can you do this.” I both like that and dislike it…
  • which brings up another point… I have NO idea where to look up the legalities of a 10 year old on an auto title…
  • I had to go to subway for lunch today… my fun smart one’s lunch… yeah, I dumped it all over the counter when I was going to put it in the microwave… the girls in the break room were very gracious and did NOT laugh at me, but merely went on with their conversation (I could have scared them by the frustrated foot stomping?)
  • Jenny and her husband were at subway and thought the story was hilarious, however.
  • current thought I’m pondering (when not pondering audits, training, and 10 year olds on leases)… Matthew 13: 44-46… trying to apply the same principles as with the Mustard Seed and Yeast, and maybe I could step back and see a big picture theme, but right now I’m wondering if there’s any significance to word order… in both my NIV and my NLT the mustard seed AND yeast are the objects (“The Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed…” “The Kingdom of Heaven is like the yeast…”) In these verses one would assume the two comparable objects are the treasure and the pearl, however the wording has the treasure and the MERCHANT on equitable footing (“The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure…” “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant…”)… I don’t know if there’s any significance to the word order or if I should just take it on face value that treasure=pearl, man=merchant, selling everything he owns to purchase=selling everything he owns to purchase…

yup… those are the random ponderings for the day… still might be boring, but at least they’re not my grocery list 🙂

Drum Roll Please

Well, this is my 100th post!

I was waiting until I felt like I had something to actually say and as I’ve been crabby the last few days, I’ve not wanted to post… But today feels like a good day and I’m in a much better mood than I have been recently, so, here goes… I was hoping to have some kind of actual purpose for this post, but I think I’m going to mix it up… I thought it would be fun to do “100 things” or a combination of things that add up to 100, and I may, but I also think I’m just going to leave it open on my computer for awhile and add random stuff… Oooh, oooh… that’s it… my 100 random thoughts for the day…

Random Thought Number 1: Today is the official first day of summer. It is the longest day of the year. I really hope it doesn’t rain, so that I can take advantage of that.

Random Thought Number 2: I began a new book last night that had an awesome quote by Anais Nin

Then the time came when the risk it took

To remain tight in a bud was more painful

Than the risk it took to blossom

Random Thought Number 3: In high school my senior quote was also by Anais Nin (I love her)… “In a mad world, only the mad are sane”

Random Thought Number 4: I’m listening to my Savage Garden CD, which reminds me of college and my friend Nellie… she and I love the first song “Affirmation.” Then I began a list of my affirmations… as I go through the day, I’ll try to remember some or even figure out some that have changed since then… I KNOW! That will be my 101 post… 101 affirmations… good thought

Random Thought number 5: The legal system is SOOOO confusing… one law says one thing, another says another thing, one commentator says one thing, while one says another… I’ve decided there’s no way it can all come together neatly tied… so my new goal is to just try to get the ends together, even if I can’t get them tied up….

Random Thought number 6: Yesterday over lunch I listened to Eddie’s sermon that I missed on Sunday… it was very good… but there was one point where I was writing down notes and he said something about confessing to good Christian friends (it was about anger) and instead of writing friends, I wrote spouse… WHAT THE HECK!

Random Thought number 7: I need to figure out a way to filter email from my listserve… I like being on it… I’m learning alot from other’s questions and I’m getting some of my questions answered, but GOOD GREIF… I’m getting emails every 20 seconds!

Random Thought number 8: I would say a good 50% or more of those emails I’m getting are automatic OUT OF OFFICE replies… do compliance people never work?

Random Thought number 9: Sometimes I hate BLOGGER… I have no idea how I finally got the spacing like I wanted it, but it’s a PAIN IN THE REAR!

Random Thought Number 10- I like Meg Ryan

Random Thought Number 11- I don’t always like my handwriting, but today I do

Random Thought Number 12- my favorite handwriting, ever? Bethany’s…

Random Thought Number 13- I don’t like that I can’t wear thong/flip flops to work… even dressy ones… I sit in a back office all day… NO ONE SEES ME!

Random Thought Number 14- I need to figure out some good/ low point ways to get my dairy every day

Random Thought Number 15- I REALLY need to go grocery shopping

Random Thought Number 16- having 100 random thoughts today might be a little difficult

Random Thought Number 17- Jimmy John’s has points values higher than I would like… this makes me sad…

Random Thought Number 18- Jenny has said a couple of times that she wants to come into my room and mess it up sometime… now I don’t keep it that neat, however, I am a little anal about the coding system… I have tons of different colors of EVERYTHING… pens, highlighters, post-its, notecards… I don’t have a specific color that I use with the same thing all the time (like only green for loan dept stuff) but I do color code everything I’m doing. For example, today I am taking notes on a report that is broken into different sections… so, you guessed it, each section’s notes are in different colors in my notebook… I’m probably a bit more anal about it than I need to be

Random Thought Number 19- speaking of how I keep my room.. that can fill up some space

A List of things in my room (numbers 20-39)

  • a book case with binders and three picture frames on it:
  • one of me and Nicole,
  • one with a picture of Bethany and Melissa and my favorite picture of Chris and Melissa,
  • and one with a picture of Me and Johnna, Johnna and Sarah B. and one of Bethany B. looking all cute in NYC
  • a CD player
  • My desk with normal stuff like a
  • file rack,
  • computer,
  • organizing stuff (pencil holder, etc),
  • post-it dispenser, tape dispenser, stapler,
  • phone,
  • in box,
  • business card holder, etc.
  • The things that make my desk distinctly mine: a stamped artistic picture of Matthew 5:2-12;
  • the fact that as much as I can have in color is in purple or green and the rest is black and my bulletin board
  • on my bulletin board: more pictures
  • (Chris and Melissa;
  • me, Bethany, and Bekah;
  • Central Park;
  • NYC mission trip;
  • Behany and Melissa;
  • one of my Jr. High Girl’s school picture);
  • two cards (one from Bethany and one from Sarah B.);
  • my Wicked magnet;
  • two stickers that I had on a piece of mail from my COO, Megan;
  • two phone numbers lists (internal work, and personal numbers);
  • my calendar;
  • my YAM summer calendar;
  • and an email from Bethany

Random Thought number 40: I figured out how to get my CD player to repeat the entire CD and not just one song! Yeah!

Random Thought number 41: I should prbably go back and edit a few of the things from my last post… I feel a bit more growth right now and I’ve figured out a few roots of some more stuff, and I feel good about that

Random Thought number 42: I haven’t talked to my mom in ages, and that’s weird

Random Thought number 43: Quinn now says Mints not Nips! That’s fun news…

Random Thought number 44: I just read the label of my Propel bottle: It says refridgerate after opening… I wonder why that is… I never do that… what the heck

Random Thought number 45: I’ve lost 8 lbs. so far on my new plan… and that’s exciting

Random Thought number 46: I think I’m going to have Subway for lunch… again…

Random Thought number 47: I find it funny that the report I’m reading right now, which is being writen by a person who just went through some of our policies, procedures, and practices with a fine tooth comb, has so many errors in spelling, punctuation, and just basic good grammer… hum… it’s taking all the effort I have not to be marking them when I see them, but I can’t write on the report (which is why I’m color coding notes)

Random Thought number 48: I have gone back and forth since Monday about doing Road Rally on Friday… I think I’ve finally decided against it… having put it off to the last minute to decide, the team choices are just weird and awkward and that doesn’t sound like much fun… and I just really don’t think I’m in the mood…

Random Thought number 49: I wonder if anyone is going to make it through all 100 thoughts.

Random Thought number 50: I’m on my 3rd prescription for contacts. I made it all day without getting a headache, but they’re still weird and I can’t seem to keep them as hydrated as I’d like…

Random Thought number 51: Fat Free Italian Dressing has a 0 points value! Yeah

Random Thought number 52: Baked French Fries only have a point value of 2! Yeah again!

Random Thought number 53: I really need some new mascara… mine makes everything all clumpy…

Random Thought number 54: I’ve recently decided I don’t like some aspects of my life and it’s either change or give up… most things I don’t want to give up on, so I’m choosing change… and that’s scary, too, but not as scary as giving up..

Random Thought number 55: What is the saying about the boat- getting on board with the program? Paddle or get out of the boat is NOT it, but I can’t remember what comes before “or get out of the boat.” Anyone?

Random Thought number 56: I like having plans… I received an email today with notes from a meeting I attended last night and I like that we walked away with action plans…

Random Thought number 57: Along the same lines, I also like having things to anticipate… I’m a lot less anxious and intense with things to anticipate… for instance.. I love having small group… I know one night a week I’m going to get together with a great bunch of girls and have fun… I also like break from small group, but I need to KNOW when those breaks are going to be. I like having the extra night to do as I please, but if it comes unexpectedly, especially when I was anticipating to have fun, I get crabby…

Random Thought number 58: Hey… good realization… a lot of my crabbiness comes from plans changing or not being as I anticipated… I think it might help to get on a bit more of a schedule. I ike flexibility and I know I need that in my life, too, but in general, having plans is a good thing…

Random Thought number 59: When I looked back through this I realized something… I initially numbered this list… and the numbering goes like this: 1-43, 45, 50-100… what the heck!

Random Thought number 60: Bob Seager makes me think of dad

Random Thought number 61: There’s a strange buzzing sound going on that I wish would go away…

Random Thougth number 62: OMGosh… even adding just about everything intersting in my room has not gotten me very far on this list… 100 things is AMAZING!

Random Thought number 63: Today’s Grocery list will now take the next few slots:

Random Thought number 64: Carrot Sticks

Random Thought number 65: Cottage Cheese

Random Thought number 66: Sugar free Gelatin (0 points)

Random Thought number 67: Light microwave popcorn (only 1 point for 3 cups)

Random Thought number 68: 99% Fat Free deli sliced turkey breast (only 1 point for 4 slices)

Random Thought number 69: high fiber bread (1 pt. per slice)

Random Thought number 70: The buzzing went away 🙂

Random Thought number 71: I wonder if anyone’s still with me…

Random Thought number 72: The buzzing is back!

Random Thought number 73: back to the grocery list: Frozen French Fries

Random Thought number 74: Fat free Italian dressing

Random Thought number 75: frozen veggies

Random Thought number 76: Lean cuisine skillet meals

Random Thought number 77: Quakes (the chocolate and carmel ones are only 1 pt per serving)

Random Thought number 78: Blue Bunny Health smart fudge bars (only .5 pt)!

Random Thought number 79: That took a lot of numbers!

Random Thought number 80: Jessica keeps walking around the office turning stuff off. She keeps giving me time limits of when I need to leave :o) She’s cute..

Random Thought number 81: I still have most of my 5th glass of water for the day to finish, so I’m staying until it’s done…

Random Thought number 82: I’ve been listening to my sister’s soundtrack mix all day… I like soundtracks because you can kind of watch the movie in your head as you’re listening…

Random Thought number 83: I really like things that are mainly music (such as rent or Evita) because you can watch almost the ENTIRE movie in your head 🙂 It also makes slow time pass faster

Random Thought number 84: My goal is to make it to work by 8:00 tomorrow morning. I’ve been a couple of minutes late each day this week (of course I’ve not left before 4:30, but there you go… today, it’s just because I’m on here (though I didn’t get on here until almost 4:15)…

Random Thought number 85: If I were in law enforcement I would get frustrated sometimes. I know a lot of the laws and red tape we have are for people’s protection, but sometimes it’s just not time effective to have to get through it.

Random Thought number 86: Bet you wonder how that random thought got in there 😉

Random Thought number 87: One of my favorite things about this book I’ve started? The fun quotes… Here are a couple more..

Random Thought number 88: From Byron

Man’s love is of man’s life a thing apart

‘Tis a woman’s whole existence.

Random Thought number 89: as an emotional girl, I liked this quote from Paulo Coelho

He saw that Fatima’s eyes were filled with tears.

“You’re crying?”

“I’m a womano fo the desert, she said, averting her face.

“But above all, I’m a woman.”

Random Thought number 90: I felt guilty today when I told someone I couldn’t do childcare at the church next week… I don’t have other plans, but I would really like to have the summer off as much as possible… is that wrong?

Random Thought number 91: I doubt I’m going to make it to the store tonight. I hope that maybe tomorrow…

Random Thought number 92: I have on my calendar that my college roommate (one of them) is suppossed to be in Spfld next Monday… I need to call her and make sure that’s still accurate and make lunch plans with her.

Random Thought number 93: I can’t believe June is almost over already…

Random Thought number 94: I’ve been away from the Puppy for over 6 months now… That used to be my life… I can’t believe that so much time has gone by… I’m not sure I feel like it’s been that much time…

Random Thought number 95: I do regret that I haven’t visited as often as I thought I would there… I should try to take off work early one day and get over there some afternoon this summer…

Random Thought number 96: If ya’ll read this far you are NUTS! You should be ready to shoot me by now!

Random Thought number 97: Today I’m wearing a skirt… I love wearing skirts… but I have to go play with little boys tonight, so I should probably go home and change first…

Random Thought number 98: oh… top gun music… Danger Zone…

Random Thought number 99: I wonder how many inches this post is going to take on my blog… Hum, it looks like at least it should be measured in feet not inches!

Random Thought number 100: We MADE IT! THE END!

random thoughts for the morning

  • Yesterday I thought points would be easy… today? I’m hungry, and they’re not as easy as they look…
  • My meeting got pushed back to this afternoon, time yet to be decided… I don’t like that…
  • I find it oxymoronic that I can simultaneously be grateful for and frustrated with my ability to experience a wide range of emotions.
  • I enjoy that I can more freely interact with some of my coworkers now
  • You ever been in that place where you just feel anxious and like you’re standing on a precipice? Duh, most people have… but I think I prefer to sit and simmer in complacency and comfortableness… and easily become frustrated when challenged to push out of that… especially when I can’t seem to get back to it because the stupid, nagging thoughts in my head know that I don’t actually want to be complacent or inactive… why is it that the things that seem to offer the most benefit are the hardest things to do?
  • My dad called me this morning to ask me why I wasn’t going to go to the fair tonight… I think he might be starting to miss not having to worry about anyone else but himself a little bit… he seemed so wistful when I told him that I didn’t want to go, so I wasn’t going to… he’s like “yeah, I don’t REALLY want to go either… and only playfully begrudged me the ability to act on my wants
  • Being gracious is a hard thing to do… and an even harder thing to be
  • I am more often than not frustrated with (not grateful for) the fact that the majority of my natural reactions are emotionally driven…
  • Sometimes I wonder how well others know me, or how well I know myself… I put up too many walls…
  • Which takes me back to my dad… there are so many qualities about him that make me sad for him… like not REALLY wanting to go… but at my core I have most of the same attitudes… yuck…
  • well, this was suppossed to be random, but as it’s been an okay morning, I expected it to be a bit more upbeat… I think the hunger is making me entirely too contemplative… I’m going to go find some lunch…

I am adding some now… I had a great weekend, but also had some introspective random thoughts

  • I get easily frustrated with people, and the main reason is unreasonable expectations. I cannot POSSIBLY expect people to be able to read my mind, and it’s not fair of me to get mad when people can’t
  • communication is a vital part of life…. and not a part that I do particularly well… and I don’t like that…
  • no matter how much one might long for a relationship with a guy, there’s something special about the relationship that women have with each other that I think is vital
  • I hate how easily I can get crabby, and how I can’t talk myself out of it so easily
  • After spending a lot of an entire week by myself, I was trepidatious about the idea of spending more time by myself, but when the opportunity came, I was like “bye, see ya later.” And I could have done it for a lot longer… I need to spend more “good alone” time (as oppossed to “situational alone” time that makes me feel lonely)
  • I’m learning that confrontation as oppossed to repression is much healthier. I don’t like the word confrontation, because it seems so defensive or OFFENSIVE, but not shying away from hard conversations or expressing “this is what I see/saw when you do/did this, or this is how I feel/felt when you do/did this” is amazingly less stressful than hiding from it.
  • Life doesn’t actually ever get any easier. Problems come and go, changing with the wind… but there are still always problems or issues. The best we can do is learn and grow through them.
  • I’m not sure I feel like I’m growing through things right now, and I don’t like that. I need to be more intentional with a lot of things in my life…. my time, my words, my actions, my relationships, my job, my health…
  • It’s hard to get what you want if you don’t even KNOW what you want. I have some issues I need to do some research on… WHY do I want certain things, and do I even actually what those things? And have I seriously never thought much on these issues? Yes… I’ve sat back and wanted it to be easy (not to BE easy)… expecting too much again…
  • Which brings everything back cyclical… I have a lot of unfair and irrational expectations in lots of areas of my life and I need to really work on getting some reasonable perspective…

Bethanies? Bethany’s? Bethanys? Bethany and Bethany? How would you do that?

So the other night I was in the car with Bethany S. and she had Bethany Dillon in her CD player. Now, I know who Bethany Dillon is and I know her more famous songs (Beautiful, Dreamer) and I think she has a beautiful voice and good lyrics, especially for one so young… But Bethany played me one of her songs that I fell in love with (and she sang along with, which I always think is fun b/c she has a beautiful voice as well)… so, for my memory and log, and in case anyone else wants to fall in love with the lyrics as well (though FIND the song, the music is pretty as well), here they are…

“For My Love”
Bethany Dillon
Walk towards me
I want to hear
The heavens singing over you
When you breathe
And look at me
I want to be captured by you
Gaze into my eyes
And let me know you’d fight
Thousands, for my love
Slip your hand in mine
Ask me to dance with you tonight
Just ask me for my love
I want to hide
What’s deep in my eyes
I’m scared to be known by you
But when I turn my head
And see you there
I want to be pursued
Gaze into my eyes
And let me know you’d fight
Thousands, for my love
Slip your hand in mine
Ask me to dance with you tonight
Just ask me for my love
A dream I won’t wake from
A story that will never end
The ground your feet walk on
Let me be there, let me be there
Gaze into my eyes
Let me know you’d fight
Thousands, for my love
Slip your hand in mine
Ask me to dance with you tonight
Just ask me for my love
Gaze into my eyes
Let me know you’d fight
Thousands, for my love
Slip your hand in mine
Ask me to dance with you tonight
Ask me for my love