Behold the Lamb of God

Well, I finally got my CD!  Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God is a CD that had been suggested to me before this year, but I’d never gotten it.  This year I had to order it and wait a long time 🙂  Despite the fact that both of my last two roommates have owned it I have not listened to it all the way through.  I am attempting to do that right now.  Since it’s a story from beginning to end, I figure that’s the best way to do it 🙂

I’m currently looking through the cover insert and marveling at the art work.  I wish I could do art that well!  It’s absolutely amazing.  I simply play at art, this person is truly an artist.

After I get done listening to it all the way, I may have some reflections 🙂


Reflections from the week

Well, I’m not sure this post is going to flow very well since it’s rather random, but here’s my reflection for the week 🙂

Okay Highs and Lows…

I’ll start on lows so I can end on a high note 🙂

1.  I got pink eye… no idea how

2.  I’m pretty much ready to have a break from my family for awhile

3.  My dinner party did not go as well as I had anticipated

4.  I couldn’t go to work on Monday (b/c of the pink eye) and was crazy busy the rest of the week

5.  My class tonight lasted until 7:00 pm!!!!


1.  I got to play with Ciera on Sunday

2.  I got to see my college roommate, Jen Ann, and her husband, Brian, on Sunday

3.  There were definately some good parts of my dinner party on Monday night

4.  I had an unexpected day off and got good stuff done (room cleaned… YIPPEE!!!!! and presents wrapped)

5.  I got to see the girls in my small group last night and serve with them at the Inner City Mission

6.  I got to hang out with friends who love me unconditionally last night.

7.  I got the stuff I needed to get done before class tonight done.

8.  I got a couple of Henri Nouwen books tonight.  I’m excited about that.

9.  I got a fun gift from Meranda at work.

10.  I got an awesome purple scarf and fun cards from B for Christmas

11.  My roommate made a wonderful Christmas mix CD.  I’m loving the ongs on it…

12.  My roommate is also having a rough week (which would seem to be a low and it is, but) the high is how much I like that we’re for each other.  My roommate sent me an email today encouraging me that I could meet my goal at the same time I was sending her an email telling her that she could make it through her day…

Random reflections:

I’ve been more contemplative about Christmas this year than I have been in past years.  And I haven’t had much time to be as contemplative as I’d like.  But it really has struck me how amazing it is that God chose to take on human flesh.  I’ve thought about that before in the context of Easter and his sacrifice on the cross, but I’m not sure I’ve ever contemplated how humbling it must have been to BE a human… from birth, when he had to rely on human parents for everything, through life, when he was still as finite and limited as we all are, up to his pain and suffering on the cross…  It really amazes me.  There’s a song on the mix that my roommate gave me by Joy Williams that talks about this infant savior idea… and I love it…  I’m sad Christmas is going to be over soon… as ready as I am for family stuff to be done with for a while, I’m not ready for Christmas to be done…  Charles Dickens makes note in a Christmas Carol, that you should keep Christmas in your heart all the year through.  I’m not entirely certain I’m very good at that.

Well, it’s to bed now.  Early morning again tomorrow…  but at least not so busy… and one more day that I get to be thankful for all the blessings in my life…

Christmas Music Reflections

My roommate has asked me for the past couple of years what my favorite christmas song is and I never have a good answer.  But I think it’s because I really don’t have one.  And I think that has a lot to do with the fact that some of the Christmas music out there frustrates me just a little bit.  For example, I went an saw the Illinois Chamber Orchestra on Friday night.  They played Niels Gade’s Christmas Eve Suite.  The second movement… Kind Jesus Ward Welts Gebracht… was a slow and somewhat somber movement.  It reminded me of the frustration I sometimes feel when I hear Silent Night, Away in the Manger or equally soft and slow christmas carols.  Don’t get me wrong… as someone who loves all things Christmas, I’m not anti these songs… they worked great as lullabys to sing to the children I was babysitting on Saturday night.  But I would really like to hear a piece that fully encompasses what the first Christmas was more likely like… I don’t know if it’s because I’ve recently experienced the birth of another human being or what, but I can’t imagine that night was a soft and gentle as some of the music would like to lull us to believe.  Andrew Peterson’s Labor of Love begins “It was not a silent night…” and I love that lyric… but I would love to hear a piece that mixes the emotions… I’m currently listening to Joy to the World which has the  force of the joy and hope expressed by this season… And I find that to be wonderful too… And as I’ve said before I really am much more of a lyrics person than a music person… but music does have the ability to move me, and listening to the Orchestra on Friday made me realize that I would love to hear a musical piece that encompasses the pain and anguish and sacrifice of Jesus’ birth along with the holiness and peace and not neglecting the great hope and joy and TRIUMPH of His life.  I don’t know… just some stream of consciousness reflections I had about some Christmas music I got to hear this weekend.