Things don’t always go as planned, huh?

Well, it’s funny how things don’t always go as planned.  I had thought my next blog would be photos and updates about my trip to Florida… But we took amazingly few photos and I don’t have a ton to say about the trip right now (though it was amazing and totally refreshing… I’m actually liking being back at work).

Right now the things I have to write about are of a bit more personal nature, and since this is a rather public blog I don’t think I’ll write here.  I’m definately in more of a “personal blog” type of mood today… Sorry those of you who don’t have access to that…

But as a note, if you know how to get to Bethany’s blog, she has a wonderful piece on the “wrongness” (if I can use that word) of the “Ticks” song… it’s great… and the song is very wrong…


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