Probably my last post for awhile

So, I’m really determined to get out of debt and to get out of debt as fast as I can… so I’m selling my laptop this weekend.  And since I don’t blog at work and that will be the only place where I’ll have regular email access, I probably won’t have access to the blog much…

So adios for now… I’ll write when I can 🙂

And for personal rememberance… May have met a guy?  (Well, no, did meet a guy… may be someone of interest, however… like “meet” meet 🙂 )



Last year was the ULTIMATE football year.

1.  The Colts beat the Patriot curse

2.  It was a Bears-Colts Super Bowl

3.  The Colts won

4.  Clueless… my Fantasy Football team… WON!!!!

This year isn’t looking as promising… at least for my fantasy team…

Caedmon’s Call

so my thoughts on the new Caedmon’s Call CD thus far  (only on 3 songs right now)…

#1: Trouble 

Yeah, I can TOTALLY agree with the commentators who say this is quintesential Derek a la “She Must and Shall Go Free.”  I would have known that without knowing who wrote the song b/c of the covor info and I’m not someone who very easily pinpoints music stylistically.  Other than that, I like the idea of this song and I like that from it comes the tiltle of the album.  Okay, breaking out and talking album-wide right now… I like how the songs revolve around themes…  There are songs that lend itself to the theme of the presence of God (Need Your Love; Always Been There; Start Again) and what that presence accomplishes.  Quite obviously Love is a theme in several songs… I doubt that’s a surprise… Then there’s the theme that God is Good… Both this song and There Is A Reason lend themselves to the idea that God takes the bad and makes it good… and the good even better…  Themes are fun 🙂

#3 Sacred:

I really like this one a lot… it might be my favorite on the CD.  I like it both musically and lyrically.  I know it could have somthing to do with the fact that I like songs that Danielle sings, but… I really think what I like the most is the “Holy, holy, holy” bridge and the meaning behind the song.  I like that it speaks to everything having meaning, even the mundane things we think about like laundry… and I love the significance it gives to being a mom…

#4 Expectations:

Musically, I love this song.  The choppy strumming of the guitar and the somewhat haunding harmonies Danielle provides on the refrain… I don’t know… it made me wake up and listen.

Lyrically, I’m torn. Its not that I disagree with the lyrics… Church isn’t a place where everything’s hunky-dorey all the time… it doesn’t always live up to the expectation present because of smiling faces.

But Jesus can still fill up… even when you don’t feel it, I think.

Overall, church marketing I think I always find interesting… like we’re trying to sell Jesus.  And I realize in our world today some of that just comes with the territory… we’re a materialistic society, so even the immaterial gets marketed.  We worry about image and how the church will be perceived because we’re representatives for Christ.  And I don’t think that’s a terrible thing.  But I think sometimes we let the world influence TOO much the way we present ourselves.  yes, image-wise and advertising-wise, a smiling family on a billboard sign is probably attractive to the majority of the middle-class american society most churches seem to “market” to.  But I’m not sure that helps people’s perceptions.  When people “percieve” that they must “[dress-up] nice for the congregation/ scared somebody’s going to find him out”… Jesus came not for the well, but for the sick….

And I guess that’s part of the point of the song.

I remain torn… I see both sides, and the benefits of both…

And I see the negatives that will inherently exist whenever trying to market Jesus.

But I CAN totally understand how it makes for interesting subject-material for a song :o)