I Wish I had Mad Skillz

I’m sure I probably do in some area of my life, but isn’t it a commonly held truth that we usually aren’t skilled or talented in the areas we wish we were.  For instance, I wish I could design clothes.  I don’t have the eye for designing new things, really, but I can really imagine some fun outfits in my head when you combine several other looks. 

For example…I know this is silly to be day dreaming about, but I’ve always had this picture of my wedding dress in my head… and I’ve never found it.  But I’ve recently found several examples of dresses very similar to it.  If I had the ability to draw fashion, I could just take the sleeves from this one, the neckline from that one, add an empire waist here and an overlay there, etc.  As it is now, it still lives in my head.  Maybe I can find someone with mad skillz before the time comes when I need it who can see inside my head too J

 Until then, here are some fun pictures of dresses I take inspiration from:


Reflecting on a New Year

It’s another year…




How does it do that?  Amazes me with how much faster each passing year seems to go.


Upon reflection of 2007, I realized that I didn’t meet very many of the goals I set for myself last year; that sucks.  I think I need to do a re-evaluation every quarter rather than every year.  It’s so easy to get distracted by life, you know?


So this year, I’m only making one resolution.  I want to be a better person next January 1st than I was this January 1st.  And that’s not me being down on myself, it just me encouraging myself to realize that next January 1st can sneak up on me just like this one did and then another year will be gone.  I want to be a healthier, better me by then.


For instance… weight loss?  Went great at the beginning of the year last year… totally let it go and back to where I started…financial stuff… on a better foot now than I was a few months ago, but probably not close to being as good as I was LAST January… so I want to be BETTER next January… being on time for work?  Much worse this past year… keeping appointments with Glynnis?  Haven’t seen her in ages… spending time with God?  Doing better these past few weeks, but overall average, not so good…


I want to remember that everyday is one more day in a much bigger picture and that I’m responsible for me, my thoughts, my actions, etc. everyday.  Not just when I look back and reflect.