Virgin Prostitute

Did I catch your attention?


22-year old selling her virginity to pay for graduate school? (hit to marko)

Okay, top 5 thoughts:

1.  What?  Did I read that right?

2.  She’s waited 22 years and NOW she decides to SELL it?

3.  Mmm… that’s definately playing to your assets…

4.  I wonder if it would be getting as much press if she weren’t a very beautiful 22-year-old virgin

5.  Why didn’t I think of that?

Yes, I know, I hate to admit that in the thoughts that raced through my brain in that initial moment, one of them was “there’ve been worse ideas…”  I guess I’m glad that I didn’t think of it.  Goes to show my mind doesn’t work that way, and I for one am happy it doesn’t.  BUT it does work in such a way that I can understand the motivation behind her actions.  After all, why is it that prostitution is the oldest profession?  It’s because women realized a long time ago (with the help of men) that their bodies and their sexuality have a high value. 

It makes me sad, though, to realize that, while she’s a virgin, her innocence is already lost.  A girl who’s a virgin at 22 must have (and she admits) been romantic and idealistic enough to believe that her virginity was worth saving and cherishing.  It’s sad to see her grow into a woman who has obviously been caloused into believing it’s only a commodity to be auctioned off.

For me, that’s the interesting aspect of this story.  Where did the loss of innocence come in?  I can understand that taking control of your sexuality is empowering (Marko, I think that’s empowering for anyone, male or female.  Being able to harness and use your sexuality will always be empowering, we’re sexual beings).  However, I don’t think she’s thought this all the way through.  It may SEEM empowering, however a sellor is always indepted to a buyer, controlled by the buyer… ever heard “the customer is always right?”  Without a demand, there’s no need for supply.  The customer is always the one in the most control.

How do you convince someone, in the world in which we live today, that the true empowerment of sexuality is to embrace and own your own sexuality, not use it, abuse it, sell it, barter it, or buy someone elses?  How, as youth ministers, do we explain to our students, especially girls, that sexuality is a precious gift, and while it might appear all glittery on the outside and “empowering” to use that to an apparent advantage, that is the worst way that we can cheapen that gift?


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