My Crazy Schedule

So, I’m loving this new job. But it’s got a totally crazy schedule. I had every intention of blogging about cool things going on as I travel, but I can’t talk about my job and I’m wiped by the end of the day, so I either do more work or sleep when I get back to the hotel room.

So I’m going to start with just updating my itinerary 🙂

April 13-April 19
Monday: Bloomington (overnight)
Tuesday: Bloomington (overnight)
Wednesday: Bloomington (overnight)
Thursday: Bloomington (overnight)
Friday: Bloomington (home for weekend)
Saturday-Sunday: Home

April 20th-April 26:
Monday: Bloomington (overnight)
Tuesday: Bloomington (home: evening)
Wednesday: Mt. Zion (overnight)
Thursday: Mt. Zion (overnight)
Friday: Mt. Zion (home for the weekend)
Saturday-Sunday: Home

April 27-May 3
Monday: Mt. Zion (home in evening)
Tuesday: Travel to Chicago and telework from Chicago
Wednesday: Chicago
Thursday: Chicago and Travel home
Friday: Springfield Field Office
Saturday-Sunday: Home

May 4-May 10
Monday: Anchor (Bloomington overnight)
Tuesday: Anchor (Bloomington overnight)
Wednesday: Anchor (Bloomington overnight)
Thursday: Princeton (overnight)
Friday: Princeton
Saturday-Sunday: Home for weekend



It’s interesting starting a new job at this point in my life. Generally I get really nervous about learning new things and doing new things, especially when there are such high expectations as they’ve indicated they have for me. Talk about intimidating! But after almost a week and a half, I’m still really confident about this descision. I know what I’m doing, I really do. I was in the field the first time today and fully sure on what to do or where to find the information if I didn’t.

If I look back on it I can’t tell you “That. That’s when I became an adult.” But I do know something for certain. And adult, I am. And I’m confident and secure in that.