I love ABC Family

Secret Life is back on the air!!! I love this show. It’s corny with not so great acting, however the issues are real. I love that. Tonight Adrienne does her absolute best to keep Grace from having sex for the first time and told her mom and her dad (who is married to someone else) to move in together. I love that everyone is messed up and struggling with the same things. Grace, the uber-Christian, who “feels” like having sex and can try to jutify herself… I love how frank the conversations are…

and I feel kind of like a schlump that I’m having the same kind of issues, but the thing I really like about it is the adults have the same issues… they’re a little different, however just as real and frank…

I really like it 🙂


Schedule for the next few weeks

June 8th:  Industry/Macomb

June 9th:  Industry/Macomb

June 10th:  Industry/Springfield

June 11th:  Springfield/Springfield

June 12th:  Springfield/St. Louis Karen’s Party

June 13th:  St. Louis/Home for Weekend

June 14th:  Home for Weekend

June 15th:  Minier/Lincoln

June 16th:  Minier/Lincoln

June 17th:  Minier/Lincoln

June 18th:  Minier/Lincoln

June 19th:  Minier/Springfield

June 20th:  Home for Weekend/Relay for Life

June 21st:  Relay for Life/Springfield

June 22nd:  Minier/Lincoln

June 23rd:  Minier/Lincoln

June 24th:  Minier/Lincoln

June 25th:  Minier/Springfield

June 26th:  Springfield/Move Weekend

June 27th:  Move Weekend

June 28th: Move Weekend

June 29th

June 30th

Life Changes

A wise woman once told me that to hate change was to hate life. I always remember that when life is changing and I’m having a hard time adjusting to that. It’s a bit different with a job where I’m gone a lot from home. And its a bit different making decisions that don’t always line up with what other people in your life expect of you, especially when they’re people you really love and respect. As I write that I realize that it would make sense just to take their advice… lol… yeah, we don’t really always do what makes sense, do we? I respect so much that they have such conviction and strength of character to be who they are and stand strong to their beliefs. I wish…. I was going to say I wish I were that strong, but really, I just wish I had that firm of a foundation of belief. I think that’s where I’m falling short… it’s easy to change points of view or make decisions that seem contrary to a point of view when the foundation’s not that strong.

I don’t know. I love Jesus. I really do, but I do have trouble trusting some times… most times…