30 things that happened to me this month

  • i spent one of the best weekends ever with donnie
  • i got up at 2 am to babysit a 2 week old and 2 year old
  • i started my first practice eic exam
  • i visited my aunt and uncle in peoria
  • i put up the tree in our duplex
  • i traveled as far north as princeton
  • i traveled as far south as hardin
  • i stayed in hotels in grafton, princeton, wenona, and macomb
  • i finished almost all of my christmas shopping
  • i painted a picture
  • i made christmas cards
  • donnie and i moved the loveseat into the kitchen so the christmas tree would fit (heehee)
  • my family and I celebrated daniel’s 23rd birthday
  • i visited my sister-in-law, brother and new niece, talor, when she was born
  • i practiced writing letters with ciera
  • i taught ciera “ring around the roses”
  • i slept in an uncomfortable position holding talor
  • i went to the theater and saw “new moon”
  • i lost my keys
  • donn found them
  • the shower door in our bathroom broke
  • i spent too much money at both subway and mcdonalds… does one cancel out the other?
  • i re-fell in love with starbuck’s pepperment hot chocolate
  • i blogged more than i have in ages
  • i went to therapy 15 times
  • i finally bought a bedding set for the bedroom
  • my fingers started stiffening up again
  • i booked flights for donnie and myself to DC in January
  • i got an award at work
  • i spent good quality time with mom and johnna

My Thanksgiving List

The things about which I’m thankful this year:

  1. Talor Jade
  2. Ciera Nikole
  3. Donnie
  4. Johnna being cancer free
  5. My wonderful family
  6. My job
  7. Making it to another thanksgiving
  8. The ability to love and be loved
  9. Old friends
  10. Endless possibilities

Stupid Hand

Above you will see two maps of directions from Google Maps.  Today I was in Princeton, IL (see map 1).  Tomorrow I have to be in Wenona (see map 2)… see how they’re about 40 minutes from each other???  See how it would have been more time efficient to stay out in Wenona so I could work there tomorrow?

But see how my STUPID HAND made me need to come back to SPRINGFIELD tonight so I can go to therapy tomorrow morning!  I get back to Springfield at 7:30 and leave for Wenona at 8:15… so see how just over 12 hours apart I have to drive an EXTRA FOUR HOURS all because of this STUPID hand???


Stupid hand…

Sunday Scribblings: First Kisses

Since I recently found this blog, I thought I’d go through the old challanges and use some as inspiration.  I love the prompt for First Kisses (and fully plan on reading the book mentioned in the prompt!)… I’m going to write some haiku poems about various first kisses, last kisses, and memorable kisses…

heart beating too fast.

can’t get caught being with you;

longest seconds ever


palms warm and sweaty

when you gave me the pop top.

glad it was a french.


more than a thousand

things said in those few seconds.

our lips spoke no words.


first college boyfriend

was far away from your room.

monogamy past.


skin as black as sin

and lips that made me want to.

fell in love that night.


football victory;

sad story about your mom.

finally pulled away.


stream of nameless men

lips held promises of love.

doesn’t live in lips.


a chaste goodnight peck,

when I wanted the real thing.

had to wait five dates.


at last a true kiss

our future bright in your eyes.

Finally Found The One.


In college I had a journal that was only for me to write “I believe” comments in.  I was personally inspired by Savage Garden’s Affirmations, who in turn might have been inspired by Bull Durham… who knows… I thought I’d do some now in my effort to blog more (especially since work has been too busy for me to keep up with NaBloPoMo).

I believe…

  • joy is a choice and one that should be chosen daily
  • love is the greatest of all emotions
  • hope is essential for life
  • forgiveness heals you more than it will ever heal the one you forgive
  • people will always disappoint you.  it’s not their fault; they’re human.  you do it, too.
  • purpose and productivity lead directly to happiness
  • everyone has a purpose and the ability to be productive; thus everyone has within them the ability to obtain happiness
  • some people will never be happy because they choose not to be
  • you don’t have the ability to make other’s choices for them
  • my nieces light up my life
  • God’s love is big enough for all of us
  • all things happen for a reason
  • no one is automatically defefinable.  if they are defined, they’ve allowed themselves to be.
  • life is short; live it fully
  • too much of my life has been wasted watching tv
  • i will never be a domestic goddess
  • small town illinois does not offer enough hotel options
  • it’s good christmas only comes once a year; it keeps it magical
  • i will never know everything i believe

Off the top of my head


Since I missed yesterday, you get two today… Inspired by Mocha Momma (who in turn was inspired by DancingMermaid)…

saying no to:

  • compromising myself
  • living in the past
  • housework
  • packing
  • self-deprecation
  • depression
  • sweating the small stuff

saying yes to:

  • pursuing dreams
  • the CMA awards
  • focusing on the future
  • making time
  • making it work
  • love
  • joy 

giddy about:

  • Talor
  • New Moon
  • Christmas
  • days off work

scared of:

  • being inconsequential
  • lonliness
  • spiders
  • falling
  • being uninspired
  • never having children

deeply inspired by:

  • children
  • art
  • beauty
  • Ciera
  • Emily

obsessed with:

  • Taylor Swift’s albums
  • Glee
  • Twilight Saga
  • shopping
  •  babies

in love with:

  • Jesus
  • Donnie
  • babies
  • my future

haunted by:

  • my childhood
  • bad decisions in the past
  • family secrets

saved by:

  • God’s Grace

and you?

Yeah, NaBloPoMo lasted all of about a day

Sorry about that…

Yesterday was an exciting day, however.   Talor Jade Hood was born yesterday evening!  She looks exactly like Ciera did (minus the tubes and blue palor)… She and mom are both healthy, happy and well.  Chass pushed for all of 5 seconds.  The doctor couldn’t even make it into the room before Talor was out… she looked great… nothing like a woman who’d just pushed an 8 lb. (21 inches) baby out of her… 🙂

I’ll post pictures as soon as I have them…