Busy, Busy Month

Well, I’m glad it’s not NaBloPoMo this month as it’s been EXTREMELY busy.  I barely saw Donn this past weekend until late Sunday!  Sheesh!

My faith:  I love Christmas.  I love the whole story of it.  I love how it opens discussions with the people in your life about important issues.  I love that we get to remember Our God is so big and loves us so much that He came to be with us, live life with us, experience what we experience.  It’s amazing.

My work:  Has been CRAZY.  I am officially a commissioned compliance examiner as 12/5/10… the fact that that date is after the exam I started in november is causing some issues, but whatevs 🙂 

My life:  Johnna is in the hospital for the 2nd round of chemo.  I go to see the hemo/onc myself tomorrow.  No I don’t know why (my ob/gyn is referring me because of some abnormal blood work done by her office)… I’m sure it’s nothing major, but hopefully we’ll get some answers about why my body doesn’t like holding on to these babies.  *crossing fingers* and praying that’s all it is and that it’s something that can be handled and we can work with it the next time we get preggers…

My gratitude journal

Explodes right now!

  1. new challenges in my job.
  2. my niece Ciera’s 4th birthday was Saturday.  I’m so thankful for her and how fun she is!
  3. johnna had some good days!  And we had a lot of fun together during that time 🙂
  4. It’s December and Christmas season!  My tree is up, my walls are decorated and I’m almost all done shopping. 
  5. On the subject of Christmas, and Ciera:  she does the CUTEST thing… if you sing the verses, she FaLaLaLaLa’s with the best of them!  And then Talor dances while we sing.  I LOVE IT!

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