So I wrote this before Christmas.  Don’t know why I didn’t post it, but…

I’ve been wanting to do a post on Advent, well since Advent started.  So while I’m in DC I’m taking some time to articulate some thoughts…

It’s impossible to fully appreciate and realize how big God is.  Impossible.  We can get closer to that understanding, but I truly think that our ability as finite beings (both in time and space) limits our ability to understand the infinate.  For instance, an infinate being like God knew how the story was to end.  Before it began.  And yet He chose to let that story play out.  (That’s part of what makes reconciling free will and predestination difficult).  He knew that we would need Jesus to rescue us.  And He knew how that would have to happen.  And yet, He kept that story line… He allows us to continue on the trajectories we choose even though they may lead to sucky stops along the way.  Just like a loving Father who knows that some lessons are best learned through experience, God allows us to make the choices and reap the consequences or rewards of those choices.  Even though the choices lead to the need to sacrifice His only Son.  To safe us from those choices.  Wow.

God is not only infinate, but perfect and holy.  Which means that His plan of sticking to the story, even though there are sad stops in the road, really was the best plan.  And it also means that all aspects of the plan were best.  Including the waiting.  And waiting… And waiting.  Really if you think about it, God creates “wait” time in a lof of important things in life:  Wait time before reaping after sowing; gestation periods in pregnancy; years of development before becoming a “grown-up”… It makes me think that there must be spiritual truths present in times of waiting and that the act of waiting, in itself, can be a sacred practice.

And focusing on and rejoicing in that sacredness is a very hard thing to do while in the waiting.

So I am glad that the annual advent period serves as a reminder that periods of waiting can be, in themselves, sacred moments.

And here are some fun articles I’ve read…


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